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Our Mission:
Robert C. McMillan, social entrepreneur, leadership authority, author and expert, founded Circles of Dreams with a mission to eliminate the 'Minority Leadership Divide' by providing underprivileged, minority and disadvantaged children, youth, and college students with the necessary training, skills, coaching and support systems that will empower them in realizing their maximum leadership potential.
Our Problem:
According to US News and World Report, though African Americans, Hispanics, and American Indians represent roughly 30 percent of the population, they fill only 3 percent of leadership positions at American corporations and nonprofits. Women account just for 16 percent of current leadership positions. But yet, not having enough diverse leaders to deal with the new competitive and global marketplace is the number one capability gap many organizations site as their competitive disadvantage. As a further example in the last five decades of Fortune 500 companies there have only been five African American CEO's during that period in time.
Our Social Solution:
Solving the need for more leaders in Corporate America and developing the pipeline of minority leaders is the intersection in which Circles of Dreams interplays. All over America, many minority youth have the dream of becoming a leader in Corporate America. Being the first generation to transition from a generation of blue collar workers to white collar professionals in leadership positions is a goal for many youth and families across America. The disparity in realizing these dreams is fraught with the reality of history that over the years many have achieved the requirements for
Our Values:
It is our belief that everyone is born with the gift to lead others; but what impedes the gift of leadership also impedes the fulfillment of career dreams and aspirations. For minorities and at risk youth the expanded American Dream of becoming the Next Generation Leader within an organization comes with the impediment factors of negative cultural conditioning, lack of gift-awareness and access to career leadership opportunities.
the leadership positions only not to receive equal opportunities to fill the seats. With those dreams coupled with the ever increasing need for new leadership talent in Corporate America, Circles of Dreams sets in the intersection of major urban cities around America developing youth and young adults to become the next generation of emerging and aspiring leaders.

Our Commitment:
All over America we will help the youth obtain the necessary foundational leadership skills, creating a diverse leadership ecosystem of talent that corporations and organizations will prime to fulfill their human capital needs; helping to close the minority leadership gap and reduce the reliance on government; and improve economic conditions overall.

Our Goals:
1. Develop partnerships with foundations, sponsors, universities, and organizations committed to reinvesting in America's next generation of leaders.
2. Launch six regional Chapters by 2016 (DC, Atlanta, NY, LA, Chicago, Detroit).
3. Train 15,000 minority and disadvantaged youth in leadership by 2015.
4. Raise $23 million annually to fund training and tuition scholarships for disadvantaged youth.
5. Close the minority leadership gap by 50% by 2030.
6. Establish a global virtual leadership learning network.
7. Increase high school and college graduation rates.
8. Host conferences, programs, seminars, and fundraiser events targeted for youth leadership development.
9. Create online dream and career coaching networks.
10. Secure career employment opportunities prior to college graduation for 90% of NextGen Leader members.

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